The Queen Elsa inside every girl

“Don’t let them in, don’t let them see..

Be the good girl, you always have to be..

Conceal don’t feel… Don’t let them know… ”

             Song from Frozen..  I think every girl can relate with these lines at some point of her life…

She feels like queen Elsa when she is lonely.. 

She feels like queen Elsa when she is in darkness and keeps hoping for the light even though she knows there is no light out there.. 

She feels like queen Elsa when she has to conceal herself, her feelings because no-one really cares.. 

When she can’t trust anyone around her… Not even herself.. 

She feels like queen Elsa when she wants to escape from herself.. But there is nowhere she can go..

 When she feels most vulnerable and helpless… She feels like queen Elsa.. 

She feels like queen Elsa when she sees her every dream breaking into peaces, every peace of her heart is broken.. And she is stuck in the middle… 

She feels like queen Elsa when she is full of fear.. 

When she knows she will burst into tears at any moment yet she behaves as if she is strong.. 

When she feels her mind will blast because of unbearable thoughts..  

              Dedicating this small piece of article… to every girl who feels like Elsa..  Magical yet full of loneliness. 

A glimpse in Draupadi’s life


           Whenever we talk about this iconic woman from Mahabharat.. It comes an image of a strong woman who demands justice and revenge.. What we fail to see is that what made her so strong. Perheps being strong was the only choice for her.

          Since her birth,nobody trated her as an individual. It is said that she was born from fire. Fire here could be symbolic for revenge. Her father Drupada wanted revenge of his insults from Drona and so he performed “Putrakamesthi yagya” and got a son and daughter. Then during her swayamvara, she had no choice to make , she was just a prize to be won in an archery contest. .After Arjuna won her hand,  and they went to Kunti,again she was in difficult situation when Kunti said to divide “alm”they have got, among all five. Nobody asked about her opinion that what she wants to do. 

         Then again during dice game, she was suddenly a prize won by Duryodhana. Dushashana dragged her,Duryodhana’s friends mocked her. Karna called her unchaste woman,because she had 5 husband. Dushasana tried to disrob her in public. Nobody tried to save her. Not even elders like Bhishma and Drona. Vikarna tried to stop but his opinion didn’t matter just because he was young .She had five husbands but none of them came to help. Bhima was in rage,he wasn’s silent spectator like other Pandavas, but Arjuna stopped him as he thought they can’t go against their elder brother. 

     During this incident, she turns out to be a very strong woman.  She asked question to whole assembly that why there were silent.  She questioned them their Dharma fearlessly.  But all of them were silent.  All of them thought she was now property of Kaurava. Everyone thought about rules but nobody thought for the plight of a woman who was standing there wearing single attire. (During that time,  woman wore single attire  during menstrual period and don’t come out of their room) 

          She still forgave Pandavas. But she never forgot how she was being treated.  When Krishna came to meet them she said painful words “I have no husbands, no sons, no relatives,no friends,not even you Krishna ” At this point Krishna promises her that he will give her justice. “Earth will drink blood of Dushasana, Duryodhana, Sakuni and Karna”he promised.  

        As if this wasn’t enough, life kept putting her in hard situations again and again. Jaidrath and then Kichaka tried to harass her.  She got justice at the end,but it took away alot from her. 

      At last,during their journey to the swarga, its her who falls first. Nobody,except Bhima,looks at her. Yudhisthira gives the reason like”She loved Arjuna more that other husbands” really?  This is the reason of her fall?    But what about them?Did they ever treated her respectfully,did they ever realized that they were failure as husbands of her,  did they gave the love she was craving for?   Was not it their duty too?or it’s only woman who should be dutiful all the time, not vice-versa? 

         It must be very difficult to live the life she had..Whose opinions, nobody asked,whose self-respect never mattered  to the people she loved.  And perhaps that makes her a strong  iconic character that she managed to be very strong and demanded justice in the patriarchal society which can never understand a woman.  Sometimes I wonder from where she got all the courage she had.  Perhaps only Krishna can answers.. It’s him after all,the only man in my opinion, who truly cared for her.  


​        It was early in the morning.Radha and Adhirath were doing their morning prayers to Ganga maiya,so that Ganga maiya bless them with a child,as suggested by a brahmin . Many years of their marriage passed but they were still childless. They used to come this side of river bank which was little far from Champa village and was desearted.So that they dont have to hear taunts like “See childless Radha and Adhirath are still hoping for a child .As if Ganga maiya will help haha”

          They heard a voice of crying baby from a distance. It was comming from a large wooden box which was floating in rushing water of Ganga. Adhirath hurried towards box and took it before it continues its journey further. They opened it . Both of them were surprised and shocked by seeing inside.

          There was a crying baby boy inside it.He was looking like rising sun.His face was beautiful like lotus ,with beautiful curly hair.He was wearing golden armour and earrings. It looked like they were the part of his body. 

His eyes and face became red because of crying. It seemed like he was hungry and his eyes were searching for his mother.

            Without a second thought Radha took boy in her arms.Baby boy stopped crying and looked at Radha as if he found his mother. Radha’s motherly heart filled with love,her breasts filled with milk because of her motherly love. She fed him her milk .She showered kisses on baby’s beautiful face. “From now you are my son”she said.

          They took him to their home.Radha didnt leave him even for a second. Boy became their life. 

“Surely God has sent to him on earth for us.” Radha looked at peacefully sleeping boy in her lap. 

“Look at his bright sunlike face. He looks like a deva , he is no ordinary child” said Adhirath. He was feeling blessed to have a son like him. ” I wonder who abandoned him and let him float in river alone.How can someone do this with this lotus like baby” said Adhirath.

“Only the unluckiest person in the world can do this.” Said Radha ” but he came in our life like a boon”

She kissed child’s forehead “I promise my son, I will never let you realize that I didnt give you birth.You will be known as the dearest son of Radha.” She said ” My son..My Radheya” 

First Post

Hello. My name is Aarti. This is my first post . I will not make you bored with long post about myself 😝😝 .So here is  little bit about my interests . I love to read books. I m big fan of Indian mythology.  I am Potterhead and I love Disney movies. Will write my opinions, ideas, fanfics here 🙂